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What Ways Are There To Learn The Quran Online?

What Ways Are There To Learn The Quran Online?

Online learning is new normal, and people love this concept of education. It is flexible, and the best thing about online learning is feasibility.

You can sit at home and make yourself a part of classes or online courses. The only thing required is an internet connection and device to connect. It can be your phone or laptop.

Online learning is in trend, and people use it as a medium for learning. There are online courses, apps, and other sources of learning that can help you in your online learning journey.

When it comes to learning Holy Quran and other religious books, people can study them on the internet. They can take certain courses or join academies to continue their religious learning with other life matters.

In this article, we will discuss ways to learn the Holy Book of Muslims. To learn Quran Online is not a tough job if you have the right guidance and proper knowledge on online learning.

Some of the ways by which you can learn the Quran online are

Hire an Online Tutor:

Holy Quran is a special book, and it could not learn easily. You have to seek help from someone for learning it. And it should be an expert or someone who is well-read and knows how to recite the Holy Quran.

In this case, hiring a tutor is the best option. When you hire a tutor, all of your problems get solved. He will guide and teach you the rules and regulations of reading and reciting the Holy Book of Muslims.

For this purpose, you have to do a little effort and research. Make sure that you find someone who is experienced and holds good reviews on their profile.

Hiring an online tutor is not as tough as it seems. If you search them on Google, you get a list of people with their profiles and reviews.

Read everything written in their profile with open eyes. Look for the experience section, and then see what people have to say about him. After making all the analyses choose the one that suits your requirements.

Take an Online Course:

The second option to learn Quran on an online platform is to book yourself in an online course. There are a lot of online courses that focus on teaching the Holy Quran to kids, newbies, and other people.

In these courses, highly professional teachers teach Holy Quran to students. They have years of experience and hold special qualities in them.

It helps you learn the rules, articulation, and recitation of the Holy Quran under the supervision of highly talented and educated people.

There are different courses available for different things. There is a separate course for learning pronunciation, tajweed, and other basics of the Holy Quran.

You can join the course of your choice to learn what you want to learn. There is no hard and fast rule of learning everything simultaneously, like in online classes.

There is more flexibility in online Quran courses because you have an optional choice of choosing the type of course.

Take Online Classes:

The concept of online classes is new but more flexible at both student and teachers end. Online classes are similar to the regular classes you take in school. 

There are different lectures for different things or subjects. There would be a separate class for tajweed and a separate class for learning the rules and regulations of reading the Holy Quran.

You can join online classes and learn all the basics of the Holy Quran while sitting at home.

There would be a proper schedule of classes, just like the physical classes. You have to follow that schedule to achieve your goal.

There are different ways by which you can learn the Holy Quran from home. But what we need to understand is the need for online learning and how you should deal with it.

Taking an online class is not difficult because now everybody is an internet user, and it would not be wrong to say that most of the time, people are found busy on their phones.

So having a phone in hand is not a big thing, but how you use your phone matters a lot. If you take an online class, you have to deal with the distractions.

The first thing is to tell yourself about your goals and then work on the plans you have to make. Take your classes on time and then spare a separate time in the day for revision.

You cannot learn the Holy Quran by just taking a lecture. There is a lot more effort required on your end. It is your time and hard work.

Make sure that you give time to Holy Quran and revise your lessons as many times as possible. There are indeed more distractions in online learning, but you have to deal with all of them.