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What is the Importance of Supplication (Dua) in Islam?

What is the Importance of Supplication (Dua) in Islam?

Islam is the religion of peace and harmony for every people. It teaches unity and brotherhood to its believers. It is a blessing for us that we are born Muslims and belong to an Islamic family. We teach the basics of Islam to our children from childhood so that they came to know about their religion and ask them to start with the Madani Qaida. It has all the knowledge to guide to proceed forward to read the Holy Quran. We motivate our young generation to follow the principles of it. It is the basis of our progress.

Concept of Supplication:

It is the form of prayer that is at the time of salat. It is the gesture of a Muslim to show gratitude and love towards Allah Almighty. He is always there to listens to us and solve our worries. There are different feelings that humans face in his life as sadness, joy, cry. All these can be shared with Allah Almighty by doing supplication and share your emotions with Him. We make mistakes in life and ask Allah for forgiveness. He forgives us because He is the most merciful.

Difference between Prayer and Supplication:

There is a difference between these two. Prayer is the type that is also known as Salaat. It is the kneeling down before Allah Almighty and praising Him by reading verses from the Holy Quran. There is a way to offer it. You have to be neat and clean, and the place should also be clean. You have to do ablution before starting it, and your face should face Khaana Kabah. It is a gift that God has sent for us through His last Prophet. It is the key to success and is part of the prayer offered at the end of it. Muslims open their hearts in front of Allah Almighty and ask for His forgiveness. They thank Him for His blessings. They often ask their desires from God because he is the only one who can help us. He is always there to guide us and help us.

Value of Dua:

It is an Arabic word that means to ask something from someone by calling. It is a way for worship in Islam and has importance in it. It is the process of conversation with Allah Almighty and asks for your heart’s desires. It is a necessary part of life because a Dua can change your fate. We ask resolution of our problems before Allah. It is the essence of worship, and its importance has been in the Quran and Hadiths. Allah Almighty is near and responsive to the supplications that we made before Him. He is the master of the universe and the judge of the Day of Judgment. Everything is under His control. It has all the power and strength to change your fate as well, and it should be from a heart that direct reaches Allah Almighty and becomes a source of acceptance.

Benefits of Dua:

There are various advantages of making Dua. Some of them are the following:

Arrogance Fades Away:

The pride and arrogance that came in your heart will lose because of making Dua before Allah Almighty. We believe that Allah Almighty is the creator of this universe, and all the power belongs to Him. We are only a part of His creation so, there is no need to be arrogant.

Acceptance of Dua:

Some supplications are accepted, and some are not because they will be given to us later hereafter. It is necessary to make Dua and remember your loved ones in your Duas.

It Opens Doors of Mercy of Allah:

Allah Almighty is merciful and benevolent and forgives us for our mistakes when we ask for them. He always opens His door of mercy on us so that we take guidance from it.

It changes the Luck:

It is the power and strength of Dua. It can change your fate, and good deeds increase your age. It can change our life and destiny, and it happens to those only that are serious in their actions.

It strengthens your Faith:

It is the quality of Dua that can make you believe in the oneness of Allah Almighty by the happening of events in your life. He makes you by accepting your Duas.

Etiquettes of Dua:

They are the following:

  • Start the Dua by offering Salawat on the last Prophet.
  • Call Allah Almighty with beautiful names like Al-Rahman, Al-Khaliq.
  • Praise Allah Almighty by the ways He deserves.
  • Keep your face towards the qiblah.
  • Raise your hands in front of your face in a Dua position.
  • Keep your trust in God, and His blessings will be upon you.
  • Make frequent Dua because he has a vast kingdom and has power over all things.
  • Beg Allah for the Duas you want and ask for His forgiveness.
  • Pay salutations to Prophet at the end of the Dua.

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