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What are the Rights of the Quran on Muslims?

What are the Rights of the Quran on Muslims

The Holy Quran is the devein book from Allah Almighty. It has the knowledge and information that a Muslim needs in spending his life. It gives spiritual meaning to the life of its reader and benefits him in this world and hereafter. We must obey its rights and follow its teachings for guidance. It has hidden privileges that a Muslim could get after its recitation. It could be with understanding. There are ways to Learn Quran Online. It proves to be efficient for the people that started taking online classes. It has courses under the supervision of expert tutors.

Ways for Effective Learning of Quran Online:

Muslims living abroad find it difficult to recite the Holy Quran because qualified tutors are unavailable. Their problem is getting solved due to advancements in technology. Various methods guide you to take online sessions of learning the Quran. The tips adopted for memorization of the holy book are the following:

Confirm your Intentions:

Your deeds are by the intentions you make. You should take action to please Allah. He is to be worshipped and pleased and rewards you for your deeds. Make pure intentions clear regarding the learning of the Holy Quran. It will help you in finding the expert tutor that guides you in the process.

Search Authentic Sources:

There are people on the internet with fake identities. They did not have the knowledge to teach Quran, research before enrolling in any online course. Consult with people who are already taking the classes. Always go for a reliable source.

Stay Committed:

It is necessary to show loyalty to your work and stay connected to it. You can stay alert in the class and give regular tests and exams and get rewards from it in the future. When you lose motivation in your work, remember the privileges that you will gain from it.

Do Practice:

It is necessary to revise the lessons daily that you learn in online sessions. It will help in staying of knowledge with you forever. Give some time other than class and consult the syllabus. It will help in retaining your information.

Use Tools:

Some different techniques and tools give you a solution when you go outside your house, and there are handy devices for information about your online class. It helps you in distant areas. It connects you with your learning and corrects your pronunciations.

Names of Qiraats:

Some of them are the following:

  • Al Madani.
  • Al Makki.
  • Al-Kufi.
  • Ash-Shami.
  • Al-Basri.
  • Al-Kisaai.

Methods to Improve Recitation of Quran:

It is necessary to recite the holy book in your best voice with a heart. Some of the tips to do so are the following:

Do Maximum Recitation:

You will get excellence in learning by frequently reading it. It will give you experience within the time.

Insert In Daily Routine:

It should be developed as a habit to read the verses of the Holy Quran in your routine work. It will help you in quick learning of it.

Learn Vocabulary:

Prepare a list of words from the Quran and learn them one by one. Find their correct pronunciation and translation from authentic sources and then memorize them.

Listen to Reciters:

Some renowned people are well-versed in recitation, search them from the internet and download their voices on your phone. Listen to them in your free time. It helps you in the correction of your recitation.

Use Hard Copy of Holy Quran:

It is mushaf that helps in learning Quran with Tajweed rules. You can consult recordings of your online classes with it for improvement in recitation.

Rights of Quran on Muslims:

It has the knowledge and guidance for its believers. It has rights on us to be fulfilled. Some of them are the following:

Belief in its Existence:

The first and foremost right is to have faith in its existence. It is the ultimate book sent down by Allah Almighty for our guidance and enlightens our world and hereafter. It is the foundation of our religion that takes us to the rewards of paradise.

Recite with Tajweed:

Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran, and it is difficult for non-Arabs to learn it. There are rules to follow for our help. These are called Tajweed that means reading with pronunciation.

Deep Understanding:

It is compulsory to read the Quran and understand its meanings. The words are for a purpose, and we must interpret them correctly. There are tafsir of scholars that guide you in easy understanding of the meanings.

Act upon its Teachings:

The message taught in the Holy Quran is considered spiritual for us. Muslims should follow the teachings of it in their life. We lose its essence if we do not act upon its advice.

Spread its Message:

It is an obligation on Muslims to read, learn, follow and spread the message of the Holy Quran. It gives you rewards in this world and hereafter.