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We need advice in all areas of our lives, and the Quran provides the best instruction available. It’s a how-to guide for our daily lives. The Quran gives us specific instructions on a successful and happy life, covering everything from minor to essential topics such as community, religion, and life circumstances. There are various methods to learn Quran online. It is easy and comfortable for people sitting at homes who do not want to go anywhere. When you study the Quran, have impression that Almighty is speaking to you. As you progress from one passage to the next, you will learn what inspires Allah and what we should avoid. It gives you a sense of being closer to Allah.

A book of blessings

The Quran bestows blessings on a man and instills in them the character of surveillance. It pushes us to be stronger. By telling us stories about prehistoric days and prophets, it motivates us. If you do not recite the Quran on a schedule, believe me when I say you are lacking out on a lot. Many of us have a heavy workload, but taking just 5 minutes out of your day to read the Quran is plenty. Study as much as you can, whether it’s a single Ruku, an entire scripture verse, or even a single verse, but do so with comprehension. It is a means for us to communicate with Allah. It also purifies our emotions and aids our development as Muslims and human beings. May Almighty Allah provide us all the chance to study it. On a daily schedule and to follow its precepts. (Aameen)

Some of the benefits of reading the Holy book

Allah s.w.t. directed us to absorb, think, evaluate, and comprehend the Quran’s verses. The Quran is truly a gift to all of humanity. Each phrase in the Quran is so distinct that even a language specialist will never be able to duplicate it. Given the importance of the Quran for Muslims, let us begin with studying this final text entrusted to man even if we do not yet comprehend Arabic. They are the following:

  • Every letter you recite from the Quran will earn you credit.
  • The Quran soothes the heart.
  • You can’t seem to get it because you stammer? It’s no worry. You’ll be awarded for it as well.
  • The Quran is a Contribution to Knowledge.

The Quran has been for us.

Allah s.w.t., the Most Compassionate, stated four instances in the Quran, notably in Surah Al-Qamar, that He had made it simple to read and understand. To remind, that no matter who we are, we are always getting lessons from Him. While it is encouraged that we endeavor to interpret the Quran, this does not imply that we will be able to analyze it once we have read the translation on our own. To learn the tafsir of the Quran, we require advice from competent teachers. Allah s.w.t. will remove barriers of wisdom and knowledge for you to comprehend His lovely verses if you make an attempt to read and interpret the Quran. In sha Allah

Ways to add fluency in Quran reading


The Quran is a whole text of Surahs and Scriptural passages of letters. It all begins with how well you articulate the word, which is what turns a letter into a term. You learn the characters, their appearances, and how to pronounce them. It will assist you in effective reciting. As a result, you must first master the tone of each letter. Knowing and comprehending the letters will result in a better accent and proficiency in reciting the Quran.

Study the Tajweed Laws

It is critical to comprehend correctly; it is not solely a religious term, although it is frequently in relation to the Quran. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, Tajweed means “to improve or to do in a more efficient manner.” In another way, it refers to the principles that control speech.

Word stress

It’s also essential to pay attention to the rise and fall of the recitation. It is how you use your voice and accent. To improve your speech, you should learn when to speed up, when to slow yourself, and when to quiet. Following qualities, indicators, and Tajweed guidelines will assist you in reciting correctly. When you know what to say, when to pronounce it, and how to rehearse it, you may enhance your eloquence and diction utterance. It keeps you engaged, energetic, and enthusiastic in reciting the Quran regularly.


Here’s a technique for improving your comprehension and quickness when reading the Quran. Let us say, have decided to read two sections of the Quran after Isha every day and two pages before you go for a job in the morning. Give this a try instead of giving the first two articles first thing in the morning and the following two columns last thing at night.

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