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Online Quran System offers a huge range of online Quran learning courses. Starting from basic tajweed to Hifz, Students from all age groups and ethnicities can learn Quran from Online Quran System. Either young or old, our tutors make sure that students are getting proper education according to their potential.

Our Services

By providing the freedom to choose the time that is feasible for learners we provide lessons 24/7. As most people are occupied during the daytime and can not adjust Quran lessons in the morning, if you need a tutor late, you can effortlessly get a Qari or Qaria to instruct you on your desired timings.








Online Quran System Changes Absolutly Everthing

We have carefully selected high-class and professional teachers of Quran. Our teachers are proficient recitors to encourage students to recite well and to maintain their interest. Our experience with students enables us to determine the fastest and most effective teaching methods that, Allah willing, make them achieve the best results in memorization of the holy Quran within the shortest possible period of time.

Why Choose Us

Online Quran system is offering all kinds of Quran lessons and courses. We offer lessons for children, grown-ups, or people of any age group who seeks the Quran education from the start or wants to learn with tajweed.

Our Qualified teachers are capable to teach all kinds of students, whether they are beginners or mid-level. The trained teacher of the online Quran system is competent to teach online. Our Tutors can address in various languages comprising English, Arabic, Urdu, etc. To maintain the quality of teaching up to a standard, we employ all of our teachers after a tough screening and interviewing process. Only the best of all become a part of our teaching team. All these efforts because we want to deliver the best.

Quran Reading can Help

“Living in the middle of world and having no tutor of Qur’an, a desperate condition for me. My friend told me about, where there is no age limit for students. I have started taking Quran classes three days a week. Now, my two sons are also students of their tutors. I will highly recommend you all to try their Quran Learning program for once.”

Our Tutors

Qari Zakriya Rahmani


Qari abdul Wahab


Qari Hafiz Ullah

Qaria Shumaila

Qaria Khadija

Qaria Samina

One-to-One lessons

We arrange one on one classes, that includes directly one student and one teacher. By this method, students have complete focus and time of the teacher. With the freedom to schedule your feasible time, teacher of your choice by free trial classes and having complete attention of teachers. It is more inclined that students will benefit from lessons and will learn Quran easily.

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