Online Quran System

Online Quran Teaching and Learning

Online Quran Teaching and Learning

Muslims must seek Islamic knowledge. It contains the learning of the Quran and hadith. Islam has five pillars. These are shahada, salat, zakat, sawm, and hajj. The purpose of teaching and learning Islam understands the existence of humankind. It also tells us the order of nature. All these things inclined us to believe in the Oneness of God, the finality of Prophet Hood, and the Day of Judgment. There is a system of Online Quran Teaching that guides the young generation to learn the Quran fastly.

Easy Steps to Start:

The following three easy steps are to start learning the Quran.

Search A Tutor:

There is the availability of online teachers at different websites. You can browse them on their pages. They contain all the information related to their education, experience, and teaching methods. They could teach Noorani Qaida, recitation, translation, Tajweed rules, and memorization of the Holy Quran.

Devise your Plan:

Make a procedure before getting admission to any online course. Take some time to interview tutors that are going to teach you. You get comfortable with them. They will also get to know about you. Get advice from them about selecting your subjects.

Start the Learning:

After these steps, prepare yourself for learning. There is a need for specific software that helps you to connect to your tutor. You will learn through audio and video classes. There will be a testing system.

Features of Online Classes:

There are specific properties that only online classes would have. They are the following:

  • There is an interactive system of teaching that makes learning easy for new students.
  • There is live streaming through videos that enhances the learning and teaching system.
  • The parents can watch the activities of their children. They can share the progress with the teachers.
  • There is a method of recording the classes. They could revise their lesson.
  • You can check the compatibility of the students and teacher.
  • There is a peaceful environment develops that eases the learning process.

Fast Learning of Quran:

Some tips are adopted to learn Quran fastly. These are the following:

Empty your Mind:

Before starting any online session, your mind should be clear. There should be no extra thoughts. It diverts your attention from the study. Learning of the Holy Quran needs full attention. There should be no disturbance.

Develop the Learning Atmosphere:

There should be a peaceful environment around you that helps in quick learning. You will learn less with distractions. Choose a calm place to do the online study. The availability of smart gadgets is necessary for online learning. Arrange them and install specific Softwares.

Take Class with Pen and Paper:

There is an option to note down the lesson on a laptop but, writing it with pen and paper will ease you in learning. The concepts will be cleared. You would ask questions about the topic. You will prepare written notes with you.

Learning in a Limited Time:

Long sessions would become bore so you would love to study through short sessions. It helps in fast learning in a limited time. The time duration for a single lecture is thirty to sixty minutes. It is an ideal time for the brain to restore the information.

Basics of Quran:

Certain things are considered the basics of the Holy Quran. Memorizing them will guide you in the fast understanding of it. These are the following:

  • Phonetics of Quran.
  • Alphabets of the Arabic language.
  • Letter formation.
  • Pronunciation of vowels, sukun, and Shaddah.
  • The concept of lengthening of Madd.
  • Learning Tajweed rules.
  • Memorize characteristics of Quranic writings.
  • Learning Arabic signs.

Learning Quran with Native Tutor:

The Holy Quran is in the Arabic language. It is compulsory to read it with the Tajweed rules. Each word pronounced differently contains several meanings. The correct learning of the Holy Quran would only be possible with a native teacher. He should have all the information about the Arabic mother tongue. He would guide you correctly. He should have a professional degree. An experienced tutor would teach the student of all age limits. You could ask questions about ambiguities.

Method to Learn Quran Online:

The following ways are there to start your sessions online:

Search the Courses:

Do visit the web pages of the teaching of the Holy Quran. Select some suitable course that is available. Get to know the details of each subject.

Fill the Form:

Do registration on the website. It requires your personal and academic data. You can start free trial classes. After that, you can take the actual sessions.

Confirm Appointment:

Once the registration gets completed, a class appointment will be confirmed. You will get a timetable to start it. You will also get the contact information of your tutor that aids you in the process.

Install Softwares:

Your teacher will guide you to download specific apps. Your tutor will take the class via video meeting. He can also record it to watch it later.

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