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Quran, the holy book of Muslims that has great importance in their lives. As in the age of technology, everything is shifted online. Now learning the Quran is also made easy for the people living in Verona. The online Quran in Verona is offering many courses to provide the best knowledge of the Quran.


In this guidebook of the whole mankind, Allah explains all the matters of life. Allah is the owner, creator, and planner of your life. Like we take help from the manuals to operate any machine and same in any institute when you go, it has its own rule or obligation. Similar to this, the world is a temporary place to live. And there are also some obligations and rules to spend the life. Allah is our creator and he mentions the all rules to spend a life full of happiness.


Quran is the book of the Arabic language and it is the book of guidance for life. That means you have to take help from this book to spend your life but unfortunately, we think reading the Quran in Arabic is enough but it is not. You must learn the Quran in your language for complete understanding.


Here are some courses that are offered by Online Quran in Verona to make the teaching of the Quran easy and accessible to you.


Courses offered by the Online Quran in Verona:

Tajweed Ul Quran:

Quran is revealed in the Arabic language. It is the language of the Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W), on which this book is revealed. The Arabic language is a difficult and sensitive language. Tajweed Ul Quran in Verona is very helpful in Quran studies. Physically the words are looking different but their sounds are the same and the articulation points are different. So it is important to learn the reading of Quran with the good pronunciation first. For this purpose, you need to learn Noorani Qaida first which has the 17 lessons. Best tutors provide you the best teaching of the Quran.


Tafseer Ul Quran:

Arabs people understand the language of the Quran. But now this language is not ours. We don’t know its meaning and it is not enough just to read the Quran in Arabic. There are many scholars who translate the Arabic language of the Quran into many languages. now it is your duty to find a good mentor for you to learn Quran in detail. Many of the words in the Quran have more than one meaning, to learn its true meaning you must learn the translation of the complete verse. Implements the teachings of Islam in your life and be a practicing muslim. To learn the Tafseer of the Quran you must first learn the word-to-word translation of the Quran and all the possible meanings of the word. Quran will guide you in each matter of life.


If you have any questions related to our offered courses then feel free to ask. We are always there to guide you.