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Are you looking for the best Online Quran tutor in Venice? Then you are at the right place.

We are providing the complete package of the Quran studies. You can make your life a happy life by following its teaching. First of all, it is important to learn what is Quran? And why it is important to get an education about it.

What is Quran?

Quran is the book of guidance in every aspect of life. You will be a successful person if you follow the teachings of Islam. All the matters to live life are explained in this book. The author of this holy book is ALLAH who is the owner, planner, and creator of our life. It has 114 chapters. And revealed on the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) in the duration of 23 years.

Importance of Quran:

The Quran has the words of Allah. In the Quran, Allah told the people who he is? And why worship him? What is the reason for human existence? How do humans spend a life? What will happen to humans after death? How to solve your personal matters?

All of these questions are answered in the Quran very well. Learning a Quran without any mentor is not possible. The teaching of this book is very sensitive،many of the people get the right path after learning the Quran and some of them are betrayed. So you must learn from any good tutor.

Services provided by us:

We are offering a complete package of Quran Studies. The following courses are mentioned below

  • Tajweed Ul Quran
  • Word to Word Translation
  • Tafseer Ul Quran
  • Connection of Quran with science

Let me explain all of these courses in detail to you.

Tajweed Ul Quran:

This course is all about learning a Quran recitation with its articulation point. The language of the Quran in Arabic and many of the words are similar invoices but the points of these sounds are different. So it is obligatory to learn the Quran in a way it was revealed.

Word to Word Translation:

The Arabic language is very sensitive. A slight change in its pronunciation changes the meaning of the word. And the Quran is not revealed for reading, it is the book of guidance. So it is obligatory to learn the translation of all words to implement these teachings in your personal matters.

Tafseer Ul Quran:

Tafseer Ul Quran means reading the description of Quran words. Because as I already told you the Arabic language is sensitive as well as complicated. One word has many meanings so to learn the Quran translation sentence-wise is very important. And must learn the Quran from any Scholar is obligatory who has good knowledge of it.

Connection of Quran with science:

As we all know scientists are working in every aspect of life and discovering new things. All the new discoveries made by the scientists are already mentioned in the Quran. So it is a must to learn the Quran and connect it with the science what they discover and what is mentioned in the Quran

I hope you will get our all these services fruitful and it will be a great source of Quran Studies for you. If you have any questions you can ask.