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To live a life you must need some proper rules to follow. As in any institute, there are some proper rules to follow. In life, you need proper rules to live life. 

All the rules to live life are mentioned in the Quran. And the Quran is only the book of guidance. If you want to learn the Quran and live in Milan then you can access the Online Quran in Milan services that we are providing. We are providing a complete Package of Quran studies to learn the Quran in an effective way from the great scholars.

Studying Quran is important because the words of the Quran are the words of Allah

 And Allah is who gives birth to us. Who is planning all the things of our life and to whom we shall return? So as we follow the instruction of any person who makes any machine and operates any machine according to the given instructions. The same is the case with Quran teaching. To live a good life you must need to learn the Quran in-depth and then implement all of these things in your life.

Why is Quran learning obligatory?

In the Quran, Allah has mentioned all the rules and the solution of all problems of daily life. You can make your personal relations fair by implementing the teaching of the Quran in your life. When the Quran was revealed it is the compilation of all the previous prophets’ life and the condition of their people. The Quran revealed the last prophet and all the previous things are mentioned to get knowledge and avoid making these mistakes in your life.

Quran studies services provided by us:

  • The first course that we are offering is the Tajweed Ul Quran. This will start from teaching the Noorani Qaida first. Noorani Qaida has 17 lessons in which first you learn to distinguish between the Arabic letters and Arabic signs. And learn to pronounce each letter with its articulation point. After the completion of Noorani Qaida, you will be able to read the verses of the Quran with good pronunciation.
  • The second course is the word to Word Translation. The language of the Quran in Arabic is only understandable for the people of Arabs and the people who know this language. So it does not mean that the Quran was only sent for the people of Arabia. It is a book of guidance for the whole of mankind. To learn the Quran in your own language is very important 
  • The one more course that we are offering is the Tafseer Ul Quran. In this course, the complete description of Quran verses is explained. The Quran language is not easy to understand. Learning a Quran translation verse-wise is important to get complete knowledge in a good way. Once you read the Quran you will automatically start finding the solution to your own personal problems 

I hope our services are beneficial for you and help you to get a good knowledge of the Quran. If you have any questions then you can ask and after the completion of any course don’t forget to give us feedback. It will be very helpful for us for improvement.