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Do you want to study Quran? Are you searching for the best Online Quran teaching services in Florence? Then you are at the right place. Keep in touch and continue the reading. we will describe to you what the Quran is? Why learning is important? What services we are providing?

Lets Start!

What is Quran?

Quran is the book, whose author is ALLAH. ALLAH is the creator, Planner, and owner of our lives. As Muslims, it is our foremost duty to learn the Quran. it is the book, which teachings change your prospect towards life. After getting the complete education of the Quran you will be able to understand the reason o your birth, how to spend your life? and what will happen to you after life?

Why it is important to learn Quran?

if you go somewhere and don’t do anything about that place then you will feel alone. if you don’t know the reason why you are sent to this life and what you have to do there. Quran Pak is the complete book of Guidance. It is obligatory to learn the Quran with good pronunciation and also with the Tafseer. Arabic is the Quran Language that is not understandable to us. Must learn the Quran from any Scholar who has good knowledge about it.

Now if you are interested in learning Quran then keep on reading and see what services we are providing.


Quran is not only about reading. the wrong concept is made we think it is enough to read the Quran in Arabic but it is obligatory but not enough. there is a complete package of the Quran learning is given.

Reading  a Quran with the Good Pronunciation:

You Know there are many similar words in the Quran and it is very difficult to learn the difference between the pronunciation of these words. Each and Every letter of Arabi has different articulation points. To learn the Quran with good pronunciation you first need to learn the Noorani Qaida.


Word to Word Translation of Quran:

The Arabic language is only understandable for the people of Arabs so to learn the Quran teaches it is obligatory to learn the Translation of the Quran to understand the Words of Allah. and then get the knowledge to spend the life.

Tafseer Ul Quran:

Tafseer means the complete description of the Quran. Because the Ayats of the Quran are mixed and not understandable for all. Many of the people get guidance from this book and some of them are betrayed. must learn the description to implement the teachings in your life.

I hope you will find our services good. We will try our best to teach you. If you have any queries then you can ask. and after completing any course must give us feedback. it will be very helpful for us for the improvement purpose.