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Online Quran in Bologna

it is the age of technology, everything is shifting to the online system. you can get even higher studies by sitting in your home.

As a Muslim, your foremost subject to learn is Quran. The holy book of the Muslim is Quran and it contains the solution to your all problems. Quran guides you in all aspects of life. the language of the Quran in Arabic is a very difficult and sensitive language. this language is only understandable for the people of Arabs so it does not mean the Quran is only revealed for the Arabian people. it is the book of guidance for all the whole mankind. you just need a good mentor to learn the Quran in a good way.

if you want to learn the Quran in a depth then you are at the right place. we are providing you the complete course to learn the Quran. Here I am going to discuss each course with its importance in detail.


the first course that we are offering is the Tajweed Ul Quran in Bologna. in this course first you learn how to read the letters of the Quran with its articulation points and then move toward the reading of the Quran with Tajweed. To learn the Quran letters first you learn the Noorani Qaida. it has 17 lessons. At the completion o this course, you will be able to learn the Quran in a good pronunciation. If you read the Quran and you are not pronouncing it good of changing the sound of any letter then it means you are changing the words of Allah that is not good. so be conscious of your Quran studies.

Course #02

Translation of the Quran in Bologna is another course offered by us. we have scholars who know the translation of the Quran in different languages. so it is a must to read the Quran with the translation because Quran is not only about reading the Arabic words when someone dies or for some specific person. it is the book of guidance, if you do not know Arabic then must learn the Quran in your language to follow the teachings and make your life happy.

Course #03

learning Quran in a depth is obligatory. because when Quran was revealed, it was revealed according to situations. so must learn the Quran in depth when which ayat is revealed and what is the depth of that verse. you collect the teachings from Quran and be a practicing Muslim. Tafseer Ul Quran in Bologna is the best course to learn the Quran.

I hope you find our services good and this teaching help you in every field of life. After the completion of the course must give the review and if you have any questions feel free to ask.