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How Many Days It Will Take To Learn Quran?

How Many Days It Will Take To Learn Q


For every Muslims people in the world, Quran is the most important thing in the world after the 5 Prayers. Muslim people love and follow the Quran from their heart. And it is necessary for them to read this book, and gain guidance and knowledge from this book. This is why every Muslim wants to fully learn this book. Unlike any other religious book, Holy Quran has its style. To memorize the whole Quran often takes 1 year or 2 years. But before that, every Muslim must know how to read and recite the Quran perfectly with Tajweed. If a person doesn’t know about rules of reading Quran, then it will be very hard for him to memorize the Quran. After all, they still properly can’t understand the uniqueness of the Holy Quran which linked them to Allah Almighty.

We have written a schedule in detail regarding the learning of Quran, which is written below.

Why Basics of Holy Quran is important?

First of all for beginners, who wanted to learn the memorize the whole Holy Quran, then they should start learning the basics of the Quran. Which will be only done, once they learn the whole Noorani Qaida. In the Noorani Qaida, they will learn about the Arabic alphabet, Vowels, Sakun, Shaddah with Tenween, etc. They will also learn how to recite the alphabets of the Holy Quran within Tajweed rules. Once they learn fully about Noorani Qaida, then they should shift their focus to learning the Holy Quran.

Below this, we have written in detail way of how many times it will take a person to fully memorize the Holy Quran.

Memorizing the Quran in 6 months:

Muslims who had memorized the whole Quran, according to them, it was the biggest responsibility they have ever taken. If a person knows how to read and recite the Quran and wants to memorize the whole Quran in 6 months. To memorize the Quran in 6 months is a very difficult task, which is why he should make a plan, or schedule, or join the online Quran learning website. These online websites will make a schedule for him, on which he will be able to learn Quran online.

Below are the tips of some experts for a person who wants to learn the Quran in 6 months.

  • Firstly, you have to make a schedule for Quran learning and then you have to make sure you would act on it.
  • According to most people, they prefer the Fajr timing for learning of Quran. This is the time, when our brain performs with 100 % efficiency.
  • After every prayer, revise the part which you had memorized.
  • The main part is to make your intention pure for Quran learning.
  • In front of your tutor, revise the memorized part.

Memorizing the Quran in 1 year:

For a Muslim the biggest honor is to become a Hafiz-e- Quran. And if a person wants to learn all 30 Paras of Quran in a year, then that too is also a very difficult task. Which is why in order to memorize all 30 paras he should make a plan according to it.

Below this are tips from the experts, who want to learn Quran in 1 year.

  • Take the learning process of the Quran slowly. Which means, try memorizing 1-2 verse of the Holy Quran daily.
  • Another way to quickly learn the Holy Quran is try to read the which you want to memorize at least 10 times.
  • After reading the verse you want to memorize it 5 to 7 times, now try reading the verse without looking at the Quran.
  • For foreign people, many websites are present which provides services for the learning of Quran with a proper schedule.
  • The best time for memorizing the Holy Quran is in Fajr time. And also revise the memorization part in front of your tutor.
  • Once you completed the first para, then before memorizing the next verse of the second para, you have to keep revising the previous para.
  • Try memorizing the last para of the Holy Quran first. This is because, in the last para of the Holy Quran most Surah is short, and you will be able to memorize them quickly.


As we all know to become a Hafiz-e-Quran is every Muslim dream. To achieve, he must have patience and must follow his dream with pure intentions. Secondly, you have to make your base strong, you cannot become a Hafiz-e-Quran until your base regarding Quran is not strong. If you want to learn the Quran online, then don’t give your money to those websites which say they will memorize the Quran in 10 days, 1 month, etc. He should choose the service, by checking his capabilities and then make a schedule or plan for the memorization of the Holy Quran.