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How Can I Learn Quran Quickly?

How Can I Learn Quran Quickly?

Learning Quran is one of the most prioritized goals of every Muslim. Quran is the book Allah has revealed for our success and betterment. Learning Quran can make us successful in both worlds. That’s why Allah and Prophet (P.B.U.H) emphasized a lot on learning Quran and made it obligatory to read and learn Quran for every Muslim. 

Learning Quran can help you to have a clearer and deeper understanding of Islam. It will guide you in every walk of life. It will help you to clear your confusion and doubts about religion and other aspects of life. Moreover, it will also help you to become closer to Almighty Allah.

In the beginning learning, Quran may seem difficult due to the language barrier as it is in Arabic but if you would remain consistent and dedicated you will learn it in no time, as Quran is the only book in the world that millions of people have learnt by heart. So if you are dedicated and consistent in this journey of learning the Quran you will definitely achieve your goal. 

To make this journey of learning the Quran easy and quick we have some effective strategies and tips for you that will help you to learn the Quran easily and quickly.

1-Make a Routine:

Before start learning, make a routine and follow it regularly, have two to three dedicated hours of your day for learning and reciting the Quran. The more you will practice, the easier and faster it will become to learn the Quran. 

2-Divide and Conquer:

Divide this journey into phases; take start with Qaida (a basic guide book for learning the Quran) that will help you to learn the basic rules and guidelines to recite and learn Quran. These

Guide books mostly consist of a number of exercises on various rules of reading Quran. These qaidas are usually divided into many lessons e.g. Noorani Qaida Lesson 1, Noorani Qaida Lesson 2, and Noorani Qaida Lesson 3 and so on to make this learning journey easy.

3-Recite Often:

Once you are done with learning the rules of recitation, recite often. Try to recite some aayats after every prayer and increase the number of aayats gradually. If you have learnt some aayats and surahs by heart recite them in your prayer. This will help you in learning and retaining what you have learnt.

4-Learn with Translation:

When you start learning Quran by heart learn it with translation. When you will know the meaning of what you are learning it will make the process of learning and memorizing easier and faster. Moreover, it will also add to your reward, for understanding it. Learning Quran with translation will also help you to have more khushoo (humbleness) in your Salah

5-Learn With Tajweed:

Tajweed is the science of reciting the Quran accurately. Tajweed is a set of rules following which you can rightly recite the Quran. Learning Tajweed will also make your recitation beautiful. Recitation with Tajweed will make learning Quran smoother, easier and faster.

6- Learn with Teacher:

Although you can learn the Quran by yourself but having a teacher with you will make this learning easy and quick. You can have an online one-to-one session with your Quran teacher. You can also take in-person classes with your Quran teacher to guide you about the recitation and learning of the Quran. You can share your questions and confusions about your lesson with your teacher and he/she will guide you about them. Moreover learning with the teacher will make it more motivating, interactive, interesting and easy.

7-Learn in Chunks:

The most effective way of learning the Quran is to learn it in chunks. Start with smaller surahs (chapters), it will give the learner motivation of completing no of surahs quickly. This will help and motivate the learner to learn the big and comparatively difficult surahs. Moreover, it will also give the learner opportunity to recite these surahs in their daily prayers that would help them to retain what they have learnt.

8-Try to Memorize In the Early Morning:

It has been proved scientifically that things we memorize in the early morning stay with us for a longer time and we can memorize them easily. So try to design your routine in such a way that you set your memorization time in the early morning immediately after Fajr. This will help you to have a good start to your day.

Learning Quran can sometimes be a long and time taking process, but all you need is consistency. Set achievable goals, have a routine and be consistent in your learning. Take guidance from teacher and instructor, share your questions with them and take their feedback to make your learning easy and effective. Moreover, if possible have fellows who can accompany you in this journey of learning this will motivate you to achieve your goal.

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