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5 benefits of learning the Quran online

5 benefits of learning the Quran online

In this era of social media, there is nothing cannot happen. You have the biggest power in your hand, and with the help of this world, you can make your life.

This power is none other than the internet. Easy access to the internet is like a blessing. And this blessing felt hard in the duration of lockdown. When everything was closed due to Covid-19, still the world of education was working.

Virtual education became a new normal, and people got benefited from it. And it was all possible because of the access to the internet. Online Quran learning was rare a few years back, but now it is in trend.

During the period of lockdown, students and teachers couldn’t take physical Quran classes. So what they chose was to learn Quran online.

In online learning, both the teacher and students are connected with the help of the internet. They virtually conduct classes where the tutor teaches how to recite the Quran flawlessly, and the student learns to improve his or her imperfections.

In this article, we will discuss the success of online Quran classes. People somehow loved the idea, and it brought a change in their life.

Here are some of the benefits of learning the Holy Quran online

More Flexibility in Learning:

In online learning, both the tutor and the student are out of stress. They do not have to rush to school and be on time. The only thing they have to make sure of is to choose a suitable time for class.

In this way, the student and the teacher feel much relaxed. They know they have to take a class, and it adds no pressure on their mind. Both can spare the best time from their schedule and with mutual understanding.

In online learning, there is no fixed timing, and it is quite different from other traditional methods of learning.

More Concentrated Study:

When you are a part of a physical class, you know you have other students with you. The teacher cannot give equal attention to all the students in a class of one hour.

But the case is different when it comes to the online class. In your online Quran class, your tutor is only focusing on you and it increases your interest in the class.

In a class of thirty, your attention gets diverted more often, but when you know you are the only student in an online class, you have to be attentive. You know that your tutor can catch you as soon as you lose interest in the lecture.

When learning the Holy Quran, you have to focus on every detail. You have to listen to every verse and understand its meanings to get better in your Quran learning.

So online Quran learning is considered more focused learning as compared to other learning methods.

More Interaction:

In online classes, you have the chance to get more interactive. And it is mostly not possible in physical classes. The same is the case when it comes to online Quran classes.

You can interact with your tutor, can ask those questions, and get your queries resolved. And it is the best Quran learning option for people who cannot put their queries in front of the teacher in the presence of other students.

Some students are shy, and they get awkward when they have to ask something from their teacher. And this matter could get solved in online learning.

You get the chance to interact with the teacher directly. You can also contact them whenever you feel difficulty in doing your assignments and homework. These privileges are not a part of physical classes, but online Quran classes give you these golden opportunities.

You Get Instant Feedback

In physical classes, it is not easy to get instant feedback from both the tutor and student. There is always a barrier of commitments, but in online classes, you can talk directly.

The tutor can question the homework face to face, and the student has to answer the question on the spot. And same is the case with the student. They can get a quick and on-spot response from their tutors.

You Can Learn Quran from Anybody You Want To

When you are in a Quran academy, you only get the chance to study from the teachers who are available in the academy. But the case is different in online classes.

You have the opportunity to choose the teacher of your choice for your Quran classes. It can be someone who is not from your city or your country. You can learn Quran from anybody in the world without any barrier.

You have the fair chance to select the tutor of your choice, and it is a perk of online learning.